Sample transfer arms

PowerProbe sample transfer arms are designed to enable the secure transfer of samples within UHV. This is due to the unrivalled strength of their magnetic coupling. In addition to linear and linear/rotary probes, this extensive range includes the Elevating PowerProbe and the Dual-Axis PowerProbe. These are designed to transfer specific industry-standard sample holders using a variety of actuation methods.

Key Features

  • Secure transfer of samples
  • Unrivalled magnetic coupling strength
  • Unrivalled thrust performance
  • 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) break-away torque
  • Angular rigidity
  • Stiff coupling
  • Fully bakeable to 250°C
Sample transfer arms

Sample transfer arms series and product options


Linear transfer arm

LPP & XLPP range


Linear & rotary magnetically-coupled transfer arm

Our PP & XPP range


Linear transfer arm with rotating inner shaft

The DAPP & XDAPP range


Linear magnetically-coupled transfer arm with elevating platform

Our EPP & XEPP range


Magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm

Linear and rotary motion with a unique sample gripping mechanism


Wafer flipper

Transfer with 180-degree orientation


XPP Option

Designed for UHV and XHV applications


Flag Sample Transfer Options

Securely transferring standard flag sample holders


Puck sample transfer options

Securely transferring standard puck sample holders


Power Probe customisation options

Actuation methods, encoders and custom features


Linear Telescopic Transfer Arm

Telescoping transfer arm with up to 914mm travel

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